Start and Create .NET Core App

.NET Core is out for few years now and getting popular, its the most powerful and flexible version ever.

Below are few notable advantages:

  • Cross-platform – It can run not only on Windows, but also on macOS and Linux.
  • High performance
  • Open Source from the start

It’s certainly modern technology that you probably would like to give it a try. So, here is quick step by step how you can get started to create an .NET Core console application in Windows:

1. Install the .NET SDK

Go to .NET Downloads and download and install the latest version of .NET Core SDK (Software Development Kit).

2. Create your console application

Next, open Windows Command Prompt and create your new console application by typing command:

First line above creates a new console application. The -o option creates a directory named HelloWorld and populates it with the project and required files.

First of all, the main file in the folder is Program.cs. By default, it already contains simple code to write “Hello World!” to the Console.

3. Run the Hello World console app

Finally, in the same opened Command Prompt, enter the following command to build and run the application.