Stop and Start (Restart) IIS Application Pool from Command Prompt

Below is the command that you can use to stop and start IIS Application Pool from Command Prompt console.

To stop:

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe stop apppool /"ASP.NET v4.0"

To start:

C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe start apppool /"ASP.NET v4.0"

Uninstall Tools for Apache Cordova for Visual Studio 2013

One day, you have some free time to try out Apache Cordova using Visual Studio 2013 CTP3. So, you download Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova CTP3.0 from Microsoft website (the file name is vs2013mda_0.3.exe) and install it on existing pre-installed Visual Studio 2013 on your Windows system.

After having some fun with this tool and you decided to remove it, normally we go to Windows standard Programs and Features and try to uninstall it from there. But no matter you try, somehow it doesn’t work – the installer window appear with very quick progress bar and then immediately finish but then you notice nothing actually happens – you still can see the Tools for Apache Cordova for Visual Studio 2013 – CTP3 still exists in Programs and Features.

Here is how to remove it:

  1. Open Visual Studio 2013 > Tools > Extensions > under All installed extension, search for “Cordova” and uninstall it. And close the Visual Studio.
  2. Start Command Prompt and find vs2013mda_0.3.exe in C:\Program Data folder:
    CD "%ProgramData%\Package Cache"
    dir /s vs2013*.*
  3. Above command will normally list 2 items found with each file on different GUID folders, one containing VS2013.4.exe and the other vs2013mda_0.3.exe. To start removing process, use the following command from your current Command Prompt path:
    {f2f851cc-42a1-41f2-a2cd-a0e4627a60cb}\vs2013mda_0.1.exe /uninstall /passive /force /burn.ignoredependencies={53d408db-eb91-43fb-9d8f-167681c19763};vsupdate_KB2829760
  4. Then it will open up the dark setup window and start proper uninstallation process, it does take a while.