How to Mine Monero/Electroneum

Here is the step by step guide how to mine Monero or Electroneum (ETN) crypto coins.

Requirement: your Monero or Electroneum (ETN) wallet address

Download the CPU miner

Download zip file below and extract:

sha256 hash file download verification:

Set Mining Pool Url and Wallet Address

Then, edit start.cmd in Notepad or Notepad++, add parameters to xmrig.exe line with below syntax:


and save.

Finally run start.cmd:

XMRig 2.4.4 CPU Miner on Windows 10

XMRig 2.4.4 CPU Miner on Windows 10

If your Anti-Virus complains, you can restore back the xmrig.exe, and add exception to this folder or file in your Anti-Virus. Only some Anti-Virus software flags it as malware and consider bitcoin miner software as malware.

See VirusTotal scan result here:

Please note, this is CPU miner only.


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