Using Google Drive on Ubuntu Linux

Using Linux desktop is not as hard as before, there are many tips and tricks here and there. One of the thing you might need commonly nowadays is having cloud storage such as Google Drive. Especially, if you are the person coming from Windows, you might ask the question: “how to install and use Google Drive in Linux?”

Here is how you do it:

  1. Click Start and type to search for Online Accounts
  2. Click on Google
  3. Start entering your google account email address and password
  4. Click Allow button
  5. That’s it, if you show the Desktop by clicking Desktop icon on taskbar, you will see a new folder with your email address as its name.
  6. Or, in File Explorer, you will notice under Network section, there is a folder also with your email address on it.

Additionally, you might want to try different cloud accounts such as Facebook or Microsoft One Drive.

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